Brief History

Education Enhancement Centre Ltd is a firm incorporated in Nairobi, Kenya. Our core business is enhancing human capital through capacity building, research, programme design and monitoring and evaluation.

Our Vision

Education Enhancement Centre Ltd aspires to become a unique Centre that provides innovative ideas to individuals, public and private institutions, nongovernmental organizations, governments and other stakeholders so as to enhance human welfare in the East African region and beyond.

Our Culture and Mission

Our consultants and staff share a common culture of Commitment and Integrity to enhance the human capital of individuals and capacity of institutions and organizations so as to contribute to human development.

Our Core Values

The main business Objectives:

01 To undertake and promote research using innovative methodologies..

02 To enhance capacity building among educational stakeholders such as teachers, special interest groups, parents, children, administrators, policy-makers and practitioners in Kenya and the Eastern Africa region.

03 To promote the development of appropriate and quality training courses based on international best practices.

04 To develop educational materials and publish articles with a view to enhancing dissemination of knowledge.     To provide appropriate consultancy services on education and development to clients including individuals, non-governmental organizations, schools and other educational and training institutions.

05 To collaborate with local and international institutions or organizations in providing relevant and high quality educational services and training.

Our Strengths

01 Highly experienced and dedicated consultants working in diverse sectors in East Africa with both local and international exposure.

02 Our belief in providing reliable services so as to address the challenges of our clients.

03 Our capacity as a resource centre that offers technical, research and informational support for national development.

04 A wide experience in institutional assessments, strategic development, education advisory support, policy development, training and capacity building, research and project/programme evaluations.

05 A network of experienced Research Associates from civil society organizations, government departments and agencies, universities and private sector who supplement the efforts of the Centre’s full-time staff on various assignments.

Our Strategies

Building on existing knowledge and skills, Education Enhancement Centre Ltd adds new service levels to solve challenges facing people and organizations in the east African region by strategically prescribing practical solutions. Strategies used to achieve our mission include:

01 Conducting research and rigorously analyze results.

02 Dialogue and partnership with various stakeholders.

03 Employ modern advanced tools for project planning and implementation, including monitoring, evaluation of projects and capacity building.

04 Development of indicators using international benchmarks.

05 Development of research materials and dissemination of the same among partners and stakeholders.