What we do

We offer the following services to our esteemed clients.

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    Capacity Development

    Education Enhancement Centre Ltd is committed to enhancing capacities of institutions, individuals in government and non-governmental organizations with skills to respond to the challenges of implementing programmes that are in line with national and international benchmarks such as the Millennium Development Goals and Education for All. Consistent with current development thinking, Education Enhancement Centre Ltd provides capacity services to fill our clients’ skill gaps and transfer of ‘know how’ in a variety of areas and fields. Education Enhancement Centre Ltd has adopted the common elements and learning concepts and practices where capacity development is a conceived as a process of change. Our organization conducts well targeted training workshops, seminars and other learning programmes that are aimed at enhancing productivity. Education Enhancement Centre Ltd aspires to enhance people’s capacities and institutional capacity and a society’s capacity change over time. This is achieved through leadership training, knowledge access and best practice.

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    Innovative Ideas and Concepts

    We have the skills to be imaginatively and creatively raise and solve problems. With the experience of our experts, backed up by our desire to know what the latest is, Education Enhancement Centre Ltd can be trusted on what works.

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    Research and Project Services

    Having planned and successfully implemented several projects, both local and international, Education Enhancement Centre Ltd has the necessary capacity to assist our clients in any of the following project activities.

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    Project Management

    Education Enhancement Centre Ltd will guide you through all the stages of project implementation so as to make sure you achieve your desired outcomes.

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    Curriculum development

    Education Enhancement Centre Ltd provides practical training on curriculum design and development that is based on up-to-date advanced formats. Education Enhancement Centre Ltd has experienced and hands-on staff whose efforts are complemented by a unique reservoir of Associates who are seasoned facilitators, subject matter experts, training design and curriculum development experts. Because our subject matter experts have a practical experience with track record of successful assignments from all types and organizations in the private sector and public agencies, Education Enhancement Centre Ltd is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the training and consulting expertise they need. Education Enhancement Centre Ltd will guide you in generating the right questions to enable you clarify your special training needs.

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    Institutional Collaboration

    Education Enhancement Centre Ltd aspires to enhance collaborations with local and international institutions or organizations in providing relevant and high quality educational services and training.

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    Assessing Learners with Special Needs

    Education Enhancement Centre Ltd understands that there are many people, both young and old, students and workers who are not aware that they have learning difficulties. Using experts in Learning Disabilities (LD), our clients will be subjected to carefully designed and accurate assessment and given appropriate support that includes individualized monitoring of their progress. Education Enhancement Centre Ltd’s Early Intervening Services are unique and effective. Education Enhancement Centre Ltd’s is aware that Children with motor and other forms of disabilities are usually integrated into the standard classroom, often by means of wheelchairs and modified desks. Such children usually require specialized techniques, often on an individual basis. Our private instruction involves techniques, exercises, and subject matter, which are tailored for students whose learning needs are unmet by a standard school curriculum. Quite often such learners are described as “unteachable” by teachers, parents and guardians who are unaware of their challenges.

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I am satidfied with their services. CEO, ABC company